User Interface

A graphical interface that displays information on the screen in the form of various drawings is used to communicate with the user in Windows XP. Icons are small drawings that are associated with many functions of the system. In Windows XP, the concept of an object is widely used. Objects are files and folders, as well as some physical devices, such as disks and printers. On the monitor screen, all objects are represented by icons.

You can control the system without entering long and complex commands from the keyboard, because control is carried out using various operations on icons using a computer mouse or keyboard. By selecting, moving, and performing other operations with icons, you are actually giving commands to the operating system, which performs some actions on objects associated with these icons.

However, not all operations are performed using icons.

Sometimes it is easier to specify the desired action selected in the list. At the same time, you still do not need to enter commands. You will specify a suitable work option from several offered by the system. Lists of possible actions are called menus, and working with menus is as common in Windows as working with icons.