Desktop and taskbar

The word Windows is translated from English as windows. A window is a defined area on the screen associated with a program. After starting the Windows XP operating system, the entire monitor screen is occupied by a special drawing called the Desktop. All windows are located on top of the desktop, and they can be moved, enlarged, reduced or removed. Windows can completely or partially overlap each other. The desktop allows you to run programs, configure the system, and perform other actions. The size and number of drawings and inscriptions on the desktop can vary greatly depending on the specifics of setting up a specific copy of the system on your computer. However, in any case, there is a strip called the Taskbar at the bottom of the desktop.

The main purpose of the taskbar is to display running programs in the form of buttons and icons, as well as quickly switch from one to another. In addition, you can use the taskbar to run some useful programs. The taskbar contains the Start button, buttons with icons of active applications and indicators. An active application is a program that is running for execution.

On the left side of the taskbar there is a frame inside which the word Start is located. In Windows, such frames with text and drawings inside are called buttons. The purpose of this button is to launch programs and configure the computer. We can say that almost any work in Windows XP begins with pressing this button.

When you click on the Start button, the Main menu appears.

If a menu item is marked with an arrow, a submenu will open when the mouse pointer hovers over it. To launch the application, click on its name. After that, the application window will open, and a button with its icon will appear on the taskbar. To switch between active applications, click the corresponding buttons on the taskbar.

Working in the Windows system is launching various programs using the Start button or using icons on the desktop. You can also perform various actions with windows of already running programs. Running programs and working with windows are carried out using a computer mouse and keyboard.