Computer networks

Computer networks allow us to solve the problems of receiving and transmitting information. A computer network is a set of hardware and software tools that allow communication between computers.

Several computers with network cards and located at a small distance from each other are connected by special cables, and thus a local computer network (LAN – Local Area Network) is formed. Local area networks are widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises.

And computers that are remote over long distances are connected by a global computer network or a long-distance communication network (WAN -Wide Area Network).

Local and global networks can be interconnected.

The Internet is called a network of networks, because it is a public association of many computer networks with established rules for the exchange of information. The exchange rules are set by special software – a set of TCP/IP network protocols (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol – Transmission Control Protocol/The inter-network protocol). Currently, an Intranet (corporate networks) is being widely developed – it is a local or global network accessible within a single enterprise, in which information is exchanged according to the rules of the Internet.