Kaspersky Anti-virus 5.5 for Samba Server

Kaspersky Lab presents a new version of the product for antivirus protection of corporate networks based on Linux and FreeBSD – Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Samba Server.

Kaspersky Anti-virus for Samba Server is a solution for comprehensive anti-virus protection of Samba file servers. The new version of the product adds support for 64-bit Linux platforms, such as RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4 UPD3, RedHat Fedora Core 5, SUSE Linux Professional 10.1, SUSE LES 9 SP3, as well as new operating systems for 32-bit Linux platforms – RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4 UPD3, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9.0 SP3, SUSE Linux Professional 10.1, Mandriva 2006 and FreeBSD version 6.1.

In addition, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Samba Server supports new versions of Samba up to versions 3.0.0-3.0.23a. The solution, which is easy to install and flexible to configure, provides constant control over all operations with objects located on the server. The presence of constantly active antivirus protection when creating, opening or modifying files reliably protects the information stored on the server and reduces the risk of viruses spreading in the organization’s network. This increases the reliability and efficiency of the entire corporate network of the organization as a whole.

Comprehensive security of the protected Samba server is achieved through a combination of advanced technological developments that ensure high performance and constant monitoring of operations performed in the system. To prevent the penetration of malicious code and the spread of the epidemic, the antivirus complex functions in real time. It effectively blocks infected objects and cures them, while notifying the administrator about the incident. In addition, at the request of the administrator, a complete check of all information located on the server can be carried out. To automate this function, it is enough for the administrator to set a schedule according to which the check will be performed.

The solution allows you to detect viruses in more than 1200 of the most common formats of archived and compressed files.

Using Kaspersky Anti-virus to protect the Samba server facilitates the work of the system administrator by automating most functions. Among them, it is necessary to mention the KeepUp2Date module, which allows you to automatically download all the latest updates of the antivirus database and software components via the Internet from specialized Kaspersky Lab servers. The new version of the KeepUp2Date module supports a new mechanism for receiving updates, which allows you to significantly reduce traffic from the corresponding servers.

Kaspersky Anti-virus database updates for Samba server are released every hour. If the connection is broken during the transmission of the update, the system will be able to continue working when the connection is restored without an additional request by choosing an alternative server. At the same time, the already received part of the data is saved and does not require reloading. If necessary, the update process can be started manually. In addition to extensive automation of functional processes, the administrator has a simple and convenient remote administration system at his disposal. The full integration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Samba Server with the Webmin administration system allows you to remotely manage the solution, change the configuration of anti-virus protection and view reports on the operation of the application. If necessary, access to work with the program can be restricted using a password system. The new Kaspersky Anti-virus 5.5 for Samba Server has an advanced system for verifying user rights, which allows you to block access to files from unauthorized users before they perform any actions.