ATEN releases a new centralized solution

ATEN International presents the CC1000 Control Center Over the NET solution, complementing the ALTUSEN Over the NET line. CC1000 is a software solution for secure and centralized management of the IT infrastructure of numerous computing centers, branches and remote offices.

It was created

IT administrators who need to organize the management of all Over the NET and other IP-enabled IT devices through a single IP address.

The browser-based CC1000 graphical interface has an intuitive tree structure and allows users to easily access, manage, configure and administer all network equipment from a single IP address. The CC1000 supports numerous security procedures, including role-based access and management (RBAC), IP-based access control lists, and IP filtering, allowing administrators to manage user access and control at the port level.

Administrators can not only monitor and manage active user sessions and ports in real time, but also create user groups based on access rights and user templates for viewing devices assigned to the user. In addition, CC1000 provides 128-bit SSL encryption, username and password verification, flexible configuration of the end of the session time and password expiration, as well as multi-level protection that allows you to use external authentication tools, such as Active Directory. Since trouble-free operation and no data loss are very important for distributed network environments, the CC1000 not only provides device status updates, an alert system and a set of flexible tracking and reporting options with a monitoring log for diagnostics and troubleshooting, helping users identify possible problems, but also has a built-in authentication server that provides recovery in case of network failure or an external server, and offers Syslog and SNMP to minimize recovery time.

With CC1000, you can easily configure different levels of user access, expanding its operation along with the growth of the client’s network. Through it, you can manage multi-user access to hundreds of ALTUSEN devices and thousands of network devices.